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Nicky Guan

How to contact
Email: [email protected] / Cell: 415-770-3469
Tools: Sketch, InVision, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite
What I do    
I'm a full stack-designer and digital artist who uses agile user-centered methodologies in all things I do. I specialize in user experiences, visual design, content marketing, and strategies.
Redesigning Gwynnie Bee
The Gwynnie Bee is your on-the-go connection to women’s clothing rental subscription service for sizes 10-32. By offering thousands of styles from top-notch brands and perks including free shipping, free returns, and unlimited exchanges, Gwynnie Bee makes feeling fashionable and confident every day easy!

Design Challenge

The Google landing page is one of the most visited pages that members use to log in and non-members land on it when looking for clothing rental service.

The current design is too content heavy, and lack of visual hierarchy.

The goal is to simplify the design, re-emphasize mission statement and business goal. Ideally, help promote​ the brand and drive more people to sign up the service.

Old Design 

My Comments:

New Design

Improvements & Results: